Neighbour & MC Think Thank

We’ve teamed up with our good freinds @ Shambhala Music Festival to bring you our first ever remix compitition ( “Welcome to 2008 Homebreakin!” ). Pick 1 of 2 Neighbour & Think Tank tracks, or take a crack at both of them for your chance to have your remix released by HBR. You’ll also win a ticket to Shambhala this summer with all the VIP fixins. Check the Shambhala blog here for full details & contest rules, then check out the tracks below & grab the stems to get to work. Good luck everyone!

Neighbour & Think Tank – Night moves (STEMS)

Neighbour & Think Tank – The Peaks (STEMS)



In an epic skirmish heard all across the Canadian hinterlands, Calgary’s rhythm wrangler Neighbour has locked horns with Vancouver beat bludgeoner Spiltmilk for the Serious Clowns EP on Homebreakin Records. Once the smoke clears, only four songs remain. But this quartet of tracks is battle-hardened and ready for action on war torn dance floors. Bombs away!
The title cut sets the agenda from the get-go. ‘Serious Clowns’ rakes in the spacey vibes and massages them with a flanged bass line, a delightful phased bell melody, and some clicky percussion. A familiar vocal bit swirls around the stereo field, challenging the B-boys to deal with the sexiness. ‘Look At Each Other and Say Yeah’ pushes the pedal on the tempo and races into funky four-on-the-floor territory. A disco bass and a spoken introduction lead the listener into a steady rhythmic build from which no feet can escape. The ’80s funk keyboard breakdown further seals the deal. This is followed by the bold ‘No YOU Bite It’ which starts pleasantly enough before ramping up to a growling low end, horny stab sounds, funky embellishments, and vocal drops echoing the sentiment of the track’s title. ‘Red Or Black’ closes out the EP sounding like a night drive in a sci-fi sports car. Its pulsating bottom and slinky beat bounce along nicely as vocal hits and snappy fills punctuate the proceedings. Opposites attract, indeed.Neighbour VS Spiltmilk . they both emerge victorious! Let these Serious Clowns inspire your own dance floor army, courtesy of your friends at Homebreakin Records.


Vouitton cover

Laberge – Falling Away EP @ Beatport

Laberge – Falling Away EP @ Junodownload

For the latest release, Homebreakin Records reaches its long, funky arm into Vancouver to grab the promising sonic artist presently known as Laberge. With a love of collecting records and inspired by the exotic sounds heʼs found among his dusty stacks of wax, Laberge has unveiled a trio of shiz-hot tunes for Homebreakin that perilously stretch the seams of electronic funk. TheFalling Away EP is led by the title trackʼs smooth, futuristic breaks and atmospheric layers on top of which a fast-motion vocal playfully croons. Melodic passages and a deep low end also work together in ‘Falling Away’ to achieve heaps of dance floor emotion. ‘At Night’ follows, and the tempo gets lowered to a sexy midnight strut. A bendy synth line and ʼ80s style electro bass anchor the track as big chords build to a goose-bump activating breakdown. ‘Yesterday’ has the most conspicuous funk of the three, but in a slow-cruising-in-a-black-Cadillac kind of way. Labergeʼs signature melodic layers and emotive vocal samples are in evidence, joined by ringing electric piano and an Italo-style synth pulse. As if these tunes werenʼt enough, Homebreakin assembled a couple of superstar remixers to tackle the EPʼs title track. Birmingham, Englandʼs Chris James (Off Recordings, Get Physical) provides an evocative version that owes much to floaty ʻ90s drum- n-bass, but updated to 2013 and with BPM of 123. Aptly referred to as his Re-Dream, the mixʼs stereo-panned breaks and lush, swelling soundscapes really validate Chrisʼ reputation as one of todayʼs rising producers. Finally, South Africaʼs Terrance Pearce (Futureboogie, Wolf Music) reveals a housier treatment of ‘Falling Away.’ The cut has a good bit of deep house punch, with loads of swing and bass appeal that fits nicely in both funky and soulful sessions. Labergeʼs Falling Away EP is yet another choice release from Homebreakinʼs diverse tune factory … donʼt miss out!


Bumper # 1 art



Homebreakin’ Records turns the funk dial to eleven with this latest release from the Netherlands-based duo of Geoffrey T and Mr Pauli, better known to super-freaks around the globe as Bumper. With previous releases on 20/20 Vision, Wireblock, and MDEX Recordings, Bumper has already been planting their fresh brand of snazzy electro-funk into the ears and dance floors of lucky disco citizens. With their Homebreakin’ debut the pair bust forth with a pair of potent tunes, “Sexy Moves” and “NY Nights.” The vocoder gets switched on, the guitars get funkin’, and the Linn Drum gets heated up for “Sexy Moves” which slinks and shakes like a Princely house-quake. In “NY Nights” hands get clapping to some b-boy pressure as wah-wah guitar scratches, pitch bent synth leads, and a growling bass co-exist in funky harmony. In addition, “Sexy Moves” gets tweaked and freaked in a couple of galactic remixes, with the first coming from Homebreakin’s in-house maestro Neighbour. A slightly smoother version results from Neighbour’s magic touch, with Italo-style synth runs, atmospheric embellishments, and the vocoder melody solidly leading the groove. A housier treatment of “Sexy Moves” finds its way onto the single from rising Australian beat-monger Kreap who disco-izes the track with wild abandon. A popping bass line, a throbbing rhythm, and squelchy sounds galore help keep Kreap’s version near the top of the set list. Together these four tracks make things so hot they’re nearly flammable. Hat tip to Homebreakin’ Records for another killer package.



New Music out today from The Gaff via Punchout.


Punchout! busts forth with a brand new 7“ single from The Gaff,
renowned Canadian crate-digger turned international beat-wrangler. As
a walking encyclopedia of all things funky, The Gaff’s record
collection and knowledge has awed other like-minded rhythm purveyors
such as DJ Nu-Mark, Cosmo Baker, and Fort Knox Five. With access to
such a deep inventory of musical history it’s no wonder that The
Gaff’s DJ sets and production work have also inspired much acclaim
from his fans and contemporaries. The Gaff consistently offers a party
rockin’ collage of snippets, samples, and drum breaks from dusty vinyl
sources, splicing the familiar into something new and always ready to
hype the dance floor. This latest single is certainly no exception,
with two rousing cuts filled with sounds so hot they just might ignite
the more flammable turntables. ”Do That Thing“ pops and locks through
a lethal groove, with classic phrases and samples bursting out so fast
it’ll make the listener’s head spin quicker than the record’s 45 RPMs.
There’s also a beats-only version here to entice the DJ to come
prepared with doubles. Meanwhile, on the B-side, ”Under The Sun” flips
and reconstructs The Mothership into a filtered, funky stomper that
will launch any worthy block party into the upper reaches of the
atmosphere. Grab hold tightly … The Gaff represents!


New music today on Junodownload via Punchout! from Morlack & Jayl Funk. HiScore 1100 is the first in the new “VS” series from the imprint, which will see your favorite artists remixing and being remixed by each other. There is going to be some serious, serious music concocted when talents are put head to head in friendly, yet heated, head on competition. Out everywhere Nov 5.  Check.

HiScore 1100: Morlack vs Jayl Funk @ Junodownload

Morlack vs Jayl Funk HiScore 1100 by Punchout! Recordings


We have collected some Halloween themed, & some not so Halloween themed music to help out with your festivities this week. New/Classic music from Neighbour, Cyclist, Pat Lok, Woodhead, Wax Romeo, Wicked Lester, Sons of Satin,  Jackie, The Funk Hunters, & Kreap.  Check.

Pat Lok – Inspect A Horse (Terje Unapproved) ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** by Pat Lok
Ride On (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix) by Auxiliary tha Masterfader
Woodhead – Doctor Frankenstein (Feat. MC Frankenstein) by WOODHEAD
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank) (Woodhead Remix) by WOODHEAD
Sons of Satin “Jettin” by $✡N$ Of $▲✞iN
Culito by WaxRomeo
GymMaster VIII [The GraveMaster] by _jackie
MJ – Bloody D-Floor (Neighbour Acid Mix) by Neighbour-Homebreakin
Cyclist – Whatcha Got by Cyclist
The Funk Hunters & SkiiTour – Candyman – FREE HALLOWEEN DOWNLOAD by The Funk Hunters
N.A.S.A. – Samba Soul – feat. Del and DJ Q-Bert (Kreap’s Raw Boogie Mix) by KREAP


Today marks the return of Audit, big support from Qdup Foundation, Joshua Heath, LTJ Experience, All Good Funk Alliance, Mutant Disco, Kraak & Smaak, Featurecast, etc, etc. Cop it today!

Audit – Back to Normal @ Beatport
Audit – Back to Normal @ Boomkat
Audit – Back to Normal @ Junodownload

Audit – Back to Normal EP by Homebreakin Records


On October 8th Audit’s latest EP “Back to Normal“, comes out on Homebreakin. The EP really showcases the direction his production has been moving towards over the past year & half, he’s going deep, & dark, & into space.  The Ep features a couple remixes from Vancouver Lighta!/Tenpin Records boss man, Max Ulis, &  Calgary’s Wax Romeo (watch for his upcoming  full length debut coming out on T&A), both hand picked by Audit.

We also have a couple of  ill freebies to hook you up with, first up we have Yan Zombie, who has been making his own deep, dark, funky sounds from the depths of the B.C. Interior for years. He has it labeled on his soundcloud as “Trap-Tech”. Cop the wav on his soundcloud, or the 320 below. Check.

Audit – Sunny Winter (Yan Zombie Remix)

AUDIT-SUNNY WINTER (yan zombie yellow snow remix)FREE DOWNLOAD by Yan Zombie


Woodhead‘s latest is out everywhere today. The EP features 6 new tracks in the  classic Woodhead style. Serious Disco edits, moving from the slow mo “Drive”, to the midtempo classic boogie of “Get over You” to the uptempo, but super smooth “Good to you”, Morning Wood is truly a worthy successor to his stellar self titled 2011 EP. Check

Woodhead – Morning Wood @ Beatport

Woodhead – Morning Wood @ Junodownload

Woodhead – Morning Wood EP HI-SCORE 1000 by Punchout! Recordings